Rebooting the site!

I realized that while the college info is something important I also realize that I cannot stick to writing just about college! I get enough college in my daily life so I need to branch out!!! So i’m rebooting the site, prepare to see book reviews, movie reviews, show reviews, cd’s and song reviews, I’ll be displaying short stories I’ve written and directing you to some talent on the web! Prepare for video posts as well!! I’ll always have college reviews in here but College Girl in the Big World is officially becoming Shanise Speaks! I hope you enjoy 😉


The SAT and You

The bane of every high school junior (and senior) is the standardized test. Nothing, not even the best Kaplan course, can truly prepare you for the SAT or the ACT.  I remember feeling as if my entire future depended on whether or not I could score over a 1200 with Critical Reading and Math. Now I don’t want to call the SAT or the ACT overrated because like it or not, your score does matter; however it is NOT the only deciding factor.

I took both the SAT and the ACT and have very different views on each of them. If I had to recommend one of them however, I would recommend the ACT. Why the ACT? Well I think because the ACT is a new test that many counselors and advisors don’t know much about it isn’t sold as a ‘hard nose’ test like the SAT. I think a major part of me doing bad on the SAT’s (I scored a 1620) was because I was psyched out. Everyone talks about how hard the SAT was so in my mind, it became the hardest test in the world. While with the ACT I did 3 practice tests, didn’t think much about it and scored a 27 (equals an 1860 when translated to SAT scores, as many colleges do).

So for future test takers I have 3 R’s to follow:

Review: Do buy a book and look it over, it can only help online practice tests are good also. Take a course if you have the money and time, it will only help you!

Relax: Stressing isn’t going to help one bit. Neither is slacking off of school, or not getting sleep. Don’t let the SAT or the ACT rule your life, make time for friends and fun. Being overly worried about the SAT or ACT will only make you doubt yourself. Also don’t cram before the test, what you don’t know, you won’t know.

(No) Regrets: No matter what you score is, be happy that you tried your best. Also remember that the score does not make the applicant.  So if you don’t score as high as you would like, don’t freak out. Re-takes are possible! And maybe you didn’t score as bad as you think!

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The Beginning: How to Choose a College

So since I’ve decided to center my blog around college, I’ve decided to start at the beginning. So where is the beginning?? It’s a series on How to Choose a College! I have a schedule all right and ready to go!! So this coming week look out for this series!! If one of these topics interest you, drop by and read up! I’ll include links to all the important sites for college choices.

August 10, 2010: The SAT’s and You!- Learn about standardized tests and their impact on college acceptance and choices.

August 12, 2010: Safety, Reach, and Match- The difference between college choices and what every college bound person needs on their list

August 14, 2010: The College Visit- What you should expect from a college visit and what you need to prepare to make the most out of it.

August 16,2010: Fasfa, Scholarships, and Other Aid- How to fund your college

August 18, 2010: How I Chose my College- A personal story about how I ended up at the University at Buffalo

Hello world!

So this process began a few weeks ago when i decided that to start getting my ‘voice’ out there, I needed to start a blog. After careful consideration, I decided I needed somewhere to write. My dream has always been to write, ever since i started my account on when i was 13 (enter plug here about reading my works!). One day I hope to write my own books, freelance for a newspaper-basically anything that has to do with writing! So I personally don’t care if no one reads this or not-this is for me. So Hello Blog-o-sphere! I hope that i have something interesting to say!

My blog will include everything your (17-whatever age) hearts may desire. I’ll blog about shows, what i think is right or wrong, celebrities, or WHATEVER YOU WANT! I’m a blogger of the people, leave me a comment and I’ll give you my opinion 🙂 So i’ll be awaiting your comments, this is a rush job so I’ll be better prepared next time

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